Reload Casino Bonuses Guide

Bonuses at online casinos come in a number of different variants. There are bonuses for sports, for casino games, for bingo, for live casino and poker. Among the most popular bonuses we find reload bonuses, which allow you to continue the fun long after your other bonuses have been used up.

Welcome bonuses will still be the biggest bonus at online casinos, but reload bonuses – also called top-up bonuses – are not far behind. With a slightly smaller percentage, the top-up bonuses are only available to existing customers. Such bonuses are a clear favorite among players all over the world. One reason they are so popular is that reload bonuses can be used in different parts of the casino, such as odds, casino, poker and other gaming options.

This is how a reload bonus works

The purpose of reload / reload bonuses for the casinos is for the player to make a new deposit. Therefore, they are often referred to as reactivation bonuses within the casinos. And although this may sound a bit cynical to us players, we must not forget that this type of bonus gives us extra chances to win. In other words, if you are an active casino player, it is a good idea to accept these top-up bonuses. After all, more money to play with means more opportunities to win.

Different variants of reload bonuses

What sets the different variants of reload bonuses apart is how often they are available to players. Some online casinos offer reload bonuses more often than others. And while some casinos have fixed reload bonuses, there are very few casinos that have unlimited reload bonuses. The latter, however, is very rare.

Monthly reload bonuses

Monthly reload bonuses will either be available once a month on a fixed date, or be available on the first deposit made each month. On a bonus like this, we recommend that you collect the maximum bonus amount, to maximize the bonus. Often monthly reload bonuses will be between 50% and 150%.

Weekly reload bonuses

This is the perfect bonus for active players who want to take part in weekly tournaments or promotions. This type of refill bonus is often an offer you see a lot of advertising about on the front page of the casino. If you want to stay up to date on these offers, you can sign up for newsletters via e-mail and SMS. There are many casinos that inform their customers about offers from there. Weekly reload bonuses can be as large as 100%.

Daily reload bonuses

As the name implies, this is a reload bonus that will be available once a day. As a rule, the bonus will apply to the first deposit made that day. In a few cases, the bonus can be activated using a bonus code, and then it is often possible to claim the reload bonus both 2, 3 and 4 times. Daily reload bonuses will usually be between 20% and 75%. Alf Casino offers daily top-up bonuses in varying sizes and types.

Single refill bonuses

Although this form of top-up bonus is a one-time offer only, a new offer will always appear sooner or later. This type of bonus will in most cases have a bonus code, which must be used when you make your deposit.

How can I withdraw a reload bonus?

Here, many people misunderstand what is really meant by a free bonus or free play money. Because even if the casino distributes bonus money to play for, customers must first complete the wagering requirements in order to withdraw winnings that come from the reload bonus. The wagering requirements will vary from bonus to bonus, and also from casino to casino. Often the wagering requirement will be between 30 and 40 times the total bonus amount. This is one of the reasons why it is important to read through the terms of use, so that you are aware of what applies.

How to qualify to receive a reload bonus?

Qualifying for a reload bonus is usually very easy. It is commo for reload bonuses to be available without any requirement of loyalty or the like. As a rule, it holds that you make a deposit to withdraw the new bonus.

Refill bonuses as a reward for loyalty

At some casinos, reload bonuses will be offered based on the “status” of each player. Then only the most loyal players are offered reload bonuses, as a reward for loyalty. In most casinos you will find complete loyalty programs, where you can play to the right to receive a reload bonus. Loyalty programs reward players for a variety of casino activities, such as making deposits, logging in and of course playing. The more you play, the more loyalty points you earn. The loyalty points can then be used to unlock extra rewards and top-up bonuses.