Jackpot Casino Slots

The basic principle is the same for all online casino slots. There is a fixed number of paylines and reels. The standard is 25 lines on five reels. Everything is considered a classic. Anyone who has already played in the online casino at the beginning will still know about it, only a profit line, and yet they have been entertaining for hours.

Each online casino slot has different symbols that must be placed on a winning line in order for a win specific amout of money. The symbols have different weights, which can seen in the payout table. Most of the winnings are multiplied by the wager per profit line, some of which yield instant winnings.

Also to the present standard , we can’t forget about two special functions, called Wilds and Scatter. The wild symbols function as wildcards and replace all other symbols except the scatter. As a result, almost complete profit lines still pay off and combinations are extended. In addition, a game allows the activation of multiple winning lines at the same time.

Scatter symbols must usually appear on the rollers at least three times. Usually when you get 3 scratters symbols, you win free spin rounds. The next rounds are free, and the winnings are based on the current bet. There are some other functions available during the free spins of some internet game machines. Some also activate the bonus game here.

The Bonusgame holds great winnings or even the jackpot for the player. It is intended to animate him, even in action. Often objects have to be selected, which then give away profits, multipliers or examples.

Finally, some gambling machines have the “gamble function”. A 50-50 chance is offered, for example the prediction of the next card color in the pile and on success there is doubled the profit.

Understand the stakes

Today’s online slots offer a wide range of bets. This ensures that beginners don’t spend too much, but at the same time the high scooters have their fun. The bets can be varied with the number of active paylines, the bet per line and the coin system. Usually you should play with all winning lines. The bet per line is matched to your game credit so that as many rounds as possible are used. With the coin system you can pursue a strategy similar to the Martingale system and put a lot of money. In order to understand this better, we make a calculation example.

We have a game machine with 25 active paylines. Per line, 20 cents are betting, which yields 5 euros per turn. Only one coin is placed. If we now increase the coins used from one to three, then we will bet 15 euros per spin. The possible winnings increase equally to the stakes and whoever risks more wins also in the case of a jackpot also a larger portion. But more about that later.

The special thing about video slots

Online Casino offer a very large entertainment value and are represented in each on-line casinos in large number. Within the slot machines still the group of video slots. These are the most modern game machines that bring a lot of movement into play. This feature is a great addition to the Marvel Slots. With the advent of the video slots also significantly more profit lines were introduced. 50 or 100 lines are not a rarity, as a player you can lose the overview. Each wild symbol is worthwhile here several times because a field covers tens of profit lines. If you have already tried many gaming machines, try the 100 Lines Video Slots.


Although the game machines are primarily for entertainment, everyone wants a great profit. A few thousand euros are possible with the conventional profit lines. Millions can only be won with the Jackpots. The special compared to jackpots for roulette or blackjack: No extra bet is required. In Jackpot Slots, some of the losses are paid into the jackpot. Popular variants, such as the Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune, collect huge seven-digit amounts very quickly thanks to the numerous players. Some jackpots are also linked by their developers to several casinos, to create double-digit millions and new records.

Tips for beginners

The most important principle in gambling is to play with only the capital you actually have left. Accordingly, the inserts are also selected. For example, if I pay 100 Euros or have a casino bonus, I should not bet more than one euro per round. In this way, one uses a good relationship between many profit possibilities and high distributions.

Another approach begins with just one active profit line and the minimum bet. Each spin is slowly increased. This strategy is particularly suitable for game machine tournaments.


Game machines offer a wide range of content, the themes vary greatly and thus everyone finds something for his taste. Also the possibilities are great. Beginners as well as high rollers get their money’s worth. Free spins, bonus rounds and jackpots form online slots very exciting, which is why they are also used for entertainment. Every now and then, however, the game machines also recognize a new millionaire, which explains their appeal.